Picture of Webbing Ratchet (stainless steel)

Webbing Ratchet (stainless steel)

The Steel Webbing Ratchet is made of stainless steel and suitable for permanent outdoor use.

SKU 00E13000129

Simple clamp element for tensioning of a Soliday Sun Sail.

The steel webbing ratchet is a clamp element for adjusting the optimal tension of sails very easy and convenient.
Additionally the steel webbing ratchet is also often used as an installation tool for attaching other clamp elements. The sun sail is virtually prestressed with the steel webbing ratchet to mount other clamp elements (e.g. a thread turnbuckle) without great effort in their provided suspension directions.

The Soliday Steel Webbing Ratchet is equipped with a high-quality PES webbing (2,5 cm wide and approx. 4 m long) and a ratchet made of stainless stell (11,50 cm) and therefore perfectly suited for long-term outdoor use.
Attention: The sail must not be tensioned over its resilience.

Please also note the Security Warning.

For further informations regarding to Installation and Tensioning of the sail and Maintenance Tips, please visit the Info Center.

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