Thread Turnbuckle 'Design' enclosed

High-quality Thread Turnbuckle made of stainless steel, modern design with enclosed sleeve.
Length (unscrewed state): 202/280 mm
Length (tensioned state): 140/196 mm
Tensioning Distance: 62/84 mm

Type: fork/fork


It is used as a clamp element between sail corner and mounting point. The Thread Turnbuckle M8 is a high-quality, permanent clamp element. Ensures a clean and ever secure tensioning of your sun sail.

Please also note the Security Warning.

For further informations regarding to Installation and Tensioning of the sail and Maintenance Tips, please visit the Info Center.

Thread Turnbuckle M8
M8-thread fork/fork: 140-202 mm (tensioning distance: 62 mm)
SKU 00E13000126
Thread Turnbuckle M10
M10-thread fork/fork: 196-280 mm (tensioning distance: 84 mm)
SKU 00E13000130
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